Angel manor: The ingredients for a perfect night in Second Life

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When you combine the great skills of building, the superb view of textures and details, the love of art in all forms and the desire to entertain people and make them feel at home you have the wonderful sims of Kaya Angel. The Rose Theatre and Angel Manor Estate.
When you teleport with this link. You will be surrounded by a wonderful waterscene with beautiful fountains.
If you walk south you’ll enter a huge building which is absolutely worth to visit. If you like to be entertained, this is the place to be. The Rose Theatre has a wonderful ballroom, an incredible theatre and even a nice cinema.
The Rose Theatre has also a nice gallery with many styles of art.

I have a great fascination for bows, don’t ask me why but I adore bows in architecture. In real life I added several bows when I enlarged my house and still feel excited about them every day. Because I can’t log off my real life person in Second Life, you probably will understand, that I bring this fascination with me in Second Life.
The architecture of The Rose Theatre won’t fascinate only me. Kaya misses a lot of warmth in the modern buildings in real life and tries to add this in the architecture he makes here. The buildings he made are created with so much detail and love. I wished they created buildings like this in real life.

On the east and west of the start location you will be amazed with impressive gardens. You will be entertained here with a stunning view. You can dance there or even swim. And isn’t it romantic to have a breakfast with your lover on a paradise like this?

This year Kaya has surprised us and created a new sim. When you walk north from the start point you will find his newest creation. Angel Manor Estate. A new impressive and wonderful sim. About this part I’ll write today.

I walk up the big stairs and enter the building. I’m already amazed, the floor of the entrance is spectacular. The textures are a bliss.

From this point you have 3 ways to walk. I take the entrance to the west and arrive on a dining room. There’s so much to see here. Kaya didn’t forget any detail. Try to explore every room on the west wing, every room is a surprise to see. I love the library.
Back to the entrance I explore the east wing. This is a piece of art also. Don’t forget to watch the art here too. It fits perfect in this building. And the garden from up here is amazing.

I walk to the north and arrive in a room with staircases. I walk downstairs and arrive in the basement. Here’s a pool and the visual effects are incredible.
From the basement you can take a little tour by boat.

I go back upstairs and walk north. I arrive in a wonderful ballroom. And also on this wing, the building has amazing rooms. All unique but fit together perfectly.
If you want to chat with your friends and need a location where you can relax in a warm environment. The bar is a perfect location.

I walk back and take the stairs up and walk south. Immediately the enormous chandelier catches my eyes and the balcony gives you a good view of The Rose Theatre. Mmmm I love all those bows!

At the end of the hall on the west wing is a room where you can dance and relax. Take some time to watch the ceiling here and the wonderful light effects. Do the same when you explore the east wing.

On this part of the sim, there’s another paradise for nature lovers. There’s a wonderful garden with butterflies.
And you even can find a zoo with many animals. For example okapi’s and ostriches.
Kaya also paid attention to the beach lovers. There’s a small private beach where you can cuddle with your lover and watch the ocean.

Kaya started The Rose Theatre on a smaller parcel. He wanted to make a ballroom in 1930 style. Nowadays it turned out to a complete entertaining location. And the good news. If there’s something you like, you can buy most buildings and furnitures here!

Kaya has many plans with The Rose Theatre. You will hear much more in the future from the Rose Theatre. Kaya loves art and want to give people a chance to perform or exhibit.
Both sims will give you a chance to have a complete night of entertainment.
Kaya doesn’t like commerce and though you can buy everything, you’re welcome here just for entertainment too. But if you see something you like. Please buy it, it will support the sims.

The Rose Theatre can be found on the internet as well.
Click here to find The Rose Theatre on facebook or watch the website of the Rose Theatre.
If you like machinima, there are some nice movies of The Rose Theatre.

Thank you Kaya Angel for making such incredible art and sharing it in Second Life.



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