Alli & Ali Designs: Just Heaven

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Alli & Ali Designs is a name that you will hear a lot in Second Life, they are one of the top hair designers in Second Life and a few months ago the Torch SL Guide had the privilege of Interviewing them:


How did Alli&Ali Designs come into existence?

We formed our business in February 2007, and it has evolved since that time.  We started by helping new residents get set up in SL, and set up a small shop with our initial designs.  The small shop eventually grew into a big shop, and is now the business you see today. 

What are the basic aims of Alli&Ali Designs ?  
Our mission is to make products that SL residents will enjoy using in various aspects of their Second Life, whether it be in role play, doing business, clubbing,  parties, events, and more.  We want people to have fun and look great! Our personal interest in this business is, that we want to have fun living out our creative side.


A&A Tekesha Hair Fire, (updo with curls)How does Alli&Ali Designs contribute to the newbie population of SL?

We’ve provided free tutorials since 2007 and we provide freebies of our products on a regular basis.  We also provide a safe respectful environment for all customers.  We understand that getting started in SL can be difficult, so we do what we can to ensure that they have a place to start without getting overwhelmed. 

Can you tell us a bit more about the dollarbie deals on your markplace store?

The dollarbies are special offers of our hairstyles in one color. The idea is, that people can try to wear the style in their daily life, for a low price, and if they wish to have other colors, they can buy our regular products at 175 L per color.
Visit their Online Store for fantastic dollarbie sales or go visit their inworld store to see more of their products. Interested in finding out about their upcoming items, check out The Alli&Ali Designs Blog. 

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