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You’ve probably already heard of Midnight/Mini Mania, Slap&Dash, Campers and (un)Lucky Chairs, but did you know there are a lot more games out there that are either based on luck or skill. Games that give you great rewards with no money involved.

One such game is Lucky Pick, where you are given 9 squares; one with the picture of a product and eight question marks. The object of this game is to find the square with the matching product picture. if you succeed, you get the product, if you don’t, you get a frownyface and a digital sigh. This game takes a LOT of your time, as there is only 12.5% chance of actually winning and there is no skill involved. The rewards are usually better than those from mini manias and lucky chairs though, so if you have the time, play this addicting game. It can be found in most well-sorted mainstores.

Another one is Fishing… Yup, fishing in a pond, lake, stream or even ocean with a fishing rod. This is usually called 7Seas Fishing and there is usually a vendor for fishing rods and bait nearby. Most fishing spots have contests, but if you don’t plan on joining these, a basic fishing rod without any bait, for around 100L$, is enough. In the waters where you can fish (usually marked out with a 7Seas sign) you just sit down, wear your rod, click it and press Cast. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a fish, if you’re really lucky, you’ll get some clothes or another of that store’s products. On really rare occations, you get 7Seas specific items and blueprints. Everything you fish up is tradeable, so you can trade the junk and any duplicates that you don’t need with other fishers for things you do need, (like that last piece of the 7-seated, fully functioning boat).

Many hangouts have their side-games as well, such as the Second Fortune at the Shelter. Second Fortune is a Wheel-Of-Fortune-like game that is played by many players at the same time. You get a board with blank squares, the wheel spins and selects a player at random. That player chooses to spin (for points) and selects a consonant, buys a vowel or tries to solve the puzzle. The winner gets to keep the points they earned so far and the three with the most points after all 10 rounds win cash prizes (and bonus-round winners gets special prizes). It is fun, takes about 1 hour and is very social. You come with nothing and leave with a smile, and possibly some cash.

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