Alirium Gardens

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Owned by: Alir Flow

Age Rating: General

This week, I really wracked my brain trying to decide on a place to write about. I teleported all around SL looking for new sims thinking I was bound to find some amazing oasis of awesomeness that I never knew existed. It was exhausting, and a lot harder than I expected since places often move or change. I must’ve gone through 30 teleports before finally deciding that absolutely none of those I’d just visited could beat one I already knew: Alirium. I had my reservations about writing about it since there’s not a whole lot that can be said about a scenic place, but this is easily the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to in SL and still remains my favorite location for photography. Anyone who loves nature sims will fall in love with it the moment they lay eyes on it.

You get these same butterflies as a gift!

When you arrive, you’ll find that you’re standing at a place with three teleport options. One goes to FROST, which is an area of Alirium entirely winterized. Another goes to Fall Into Decay, which is a clothing store that resides here. And the last goes to the Alirium gardens. My favorite area is the gardens, so that’s where I headed. At first you’ll find yourself inside a store, since as with most fancy nature sims, they make the trees and flowers here themselves. If I owned land, I’d definitely shop here when landscaping because it’s all truly a work of art! Get a taste of it by picking up the group gift while you’re here, which is a gorgeous set of butterflies that you can rez in your home or garden. Now there’s two tunnels leading out of the room, and if you head out the one closest to gift board, you’ll find yourself in the spring garden of Alirium. Yes, they have different gardens for different seasons!

Pose with me, Mr. Elephant

Now I don’t know about all of you, but when I was a kid, I was the biggest fan of The Secret Garden. I always wished that I’d stumble onto some secret place of beauty and mystery hidden away from the world as well. Probably so I could plot evil evil things without anyone seeing (laughs).The first time I wandered into the spring garden here, I felt like I’d found the most amazing and special place in all of Second Life. It reminds me of the scenes in movies where they show the dreamlike gardens of India. The elaborately painted elephant nearby makes me think it’s what they had in mind while creating it too. I’m such a sucker for bright colors and sunlight that I’d probably spend all my time here if I had a computer that could handle it better!

Fall Alirium

Eventually if you walk far enough, you’ll see that the landscape changes to fall scenery. The colors of the foliage here are incredible. I’m not usually a fan of fall but I really like the backdrop that’s created here and something I have a secret love for in SL is wheat grass. The red and gold hues are just something of dreams… I could probably pass away an hour here just wandering through the trees taking it all in. If I knew of places like this in real life, I think I’d find myself behind a pc a lot less. It’s surreal…

Winter too!

If you’re looking for winter, there actually is a winter garden here as well. However, it’s just a very small slice of land since there’s a whole area devoted to winter above this. I suggest you head up to FROST as it’s much larger and picturesque. Personally I get enough of winter here in real life where it’s virtually never ending, but even I sometimes get the urge to put on my puppy mittens and run around in the SL snow. It’s worth checking out!

Although there’s not a lot to “do” at Alirium, I have a hard time believing that anyone could actually dislike it. They’d have to have zero appreciation of art and nature. If nothing else, this place will make your screenshots instantly look breathtaking. I could probably be upside down, twisted up like a pretzel, dancing on my head and people would say “OH MY GOODNESS look at that …Amazing tree!”. The scenery is that great. So go take a look for yourself, there’s a season for everyone!

Newbie friendly rating: 5

Overall experience rating: 10. I’ve yet to find another nature sim that even comes close to this.


Ciel Reikaz

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