Ali Ingle – The Man And The Monster album review

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Ali Ingle, a mere 22 years old, have taken over my speakers. With the EP The Man And The Monster he delivers heartfelt songs like Jekyl & Hyde, the song the album is named after, where he comes very close to describing the feeling of love with the metaphor of “torn between the man and the monster, when the going gets hot I don’t want you, and I want you so much” and Ribcage which shows the artists need for a muse as he feels himself lacking the inspiration to go on after a rough breakup.

The song I wanna concentrate on thou is Tornado, the by far happiest song on the album. This is where it all starts, after a life of not quite knowing what love is, he finds it. This is the song that have been infesting my life since I first heard it, I go around humming it and the catchy beat sticks inside my mind and fills me with that warm feeling only a truly happy song can give. Again, the wordsmith that is Ali Ingle manages to catch the feeling of love, this time from a newly experienced view.

The song is sung by Ali Ingle with guest artist Jessica Carmody.

The Man And The Monster could be a metaphor for many things in the growing and dissipation of a relationship. It can be seen as the lonely man finding his “potion” and evolving to something else, or the conflict of emotions that love can bring, or it could even be seen as the man in love that realizes he doesn’t even want the other anymore, but most of all, it can be about the hopes that you can keep the monster at bay through the relationship and come out as a man, true to his woman (or man or whatever you fancy, love is transcendent and that is a big point in this album).

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