Album Review: The Legend of Xero

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I have to admit, this review is very late, we received this guy’s press release in July and just got around to listening to him, but as soon as we did, we were hooked.

The Legend of Xero is an American singer song writer from Lowell Michigan, and is possibly my favourite artist of all time at the moment. His music brings a mix of hype, electro-pop and hip pop to gospel music. This new flavour and style is something that I have not heard since the 1990s with Kirk Franklin.

Since TLoX now has two albums out, I will do a quick review of them both starting with:


Released in June 2012, Awakening an album consisting of 9 tracks that are simply mind-blowing. The lyrics are easy listening with a good tempo, each song begins with a speech addressing the listener speaking of belief and it seems the main theme for this album is self discovery. Each song has their own personal tone, venturing into different genres  from hip pop, pop and industrial. Personally it reminds me bit of Linkin Park’s album Hybrid Theory, starting off fast paced and slowly slowing down to a powerful end. If I were to pick one song that had me moving it would be ‘ New Years Eve’, the pacing of the song is great, the lyrics and melody are catchy and even if you don’t know the words when you listen to it for the first time, you will find yourself humming it after.

Heaven’s Hype

Released in August 2012, Heaven’s Hype is a lot more upbeat than its predecessor. Consisting of 5 tracks, it focuses more on being a Dance and Hype Album. While Awakening was a more serious, Heaven’s Hype is definitely meant to be the more relaxed and fun of the two. Once again each song has good pacing, great lyrics and a consistent tempo. Xero’s singing and rapping are brilliant, he speaks about bible verses and his spirituality in this album as well but it seems to more of him singing praises while in Awakening it was him showing his spiritual journey. Favourite song in this album? Crazy Praises. It is an upbeat dance anthem that has a catchy melody and brilliant lyrics. It’s one of those songs you can really hear yourself blasting in your car.

Overall both of these albums are great to listen to, they bring something new to the gospel/Christian music genre. Definitely something our youth of today would listen to. These albums take you on journey through the singer’s self discovery ( Awakening) and his rejoicing now that he has found himself (Heaven’s Hype). This is something that all spiritual individuals can relate to.

If you would like to hear more of The Legend of Xero check out his blog 

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