Album Review: Andy Davison’s Let The Music Unfold

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Andy Davison is a Belfast born singer songwriter who currently lives in England and he describes his music as influenced by musical artists such as Jack Johnson and Sting. His debut album, called, ‘Let The Music Unfold’ is 8 tracks of easy-listening and inspirational songs. I had the privilege of reviewing each and every one.

Track two (since track one is the intro) ‘The City Song’ is a soft easy listening song that reminds me of the music of artist Jack Johnson. The lyrics are original, catchy, and you are sure to find yourself humming it from time to time. I can see music lovers who love the songs of J. Johnson and other alternative singers, enjoying this song.

Track three, ‘Hard But Good’ sounds to me as if  it’s one of those songs that you listen to when you’re feeling down and it cheer yourself up. There is a bad point in this song, I think, that the piano was really over powering in the middle of the song and at times it was louder than the vocals and the other instruments. Apart from that it is a really good song. The lyrics are solid and the vocals were awesome. (Please note that I wrote this while listening to the songs, and I didn’t notice that the mix was completely different continue reading to see what I thought of that.)

Track Four and Five, ‘Hush Part 1 & 2′, both are beautiful songs but if I had to choose between these songs, I would have to say that I liked Part 2, because it’s just something that I could dance to. The slow acoustic style of part 1 fits the theme of a father singing to his child, while part 2’s more upbeat tempo fits perfectly with  him singing about his child’s birth to someone who is willing to listen. Once again, Davison’s songwriting ability is just amazing, his words tell a very beautiful story. His storytelling is just superb because I was able to figure out what was being said by just listening to the song, I didn’t have to go and dig around for the lyrics to find out what in the world he was trying to say. That is very rare in the songs that are written in this generation.

Track Six, ‘Back on You’. I love this song. It’s a brilliant! Ladies of the world, if you ever want to know what the charms of an Irish man sound like, you can hear it in this song. Now I’m not saying that all men from this region of the world are charming but this song does a great job of convincing you other wise. Once again, with lyrics that are pure gold, this song is easy to follow and its apologetic nature will  quickly have you forgiving what ever heartbreak he has caused. Especially when Davison utters the words, ‘ but I won’t turn my back on you.’ with his accent. The violins mix with the other instruments very well and compliments the vocals, they are still strong but not enough to over power the words that being sung making this the perfect, ‘forgiveness’ ballad.

Track Seven is the title track ‘Let The Music Unfold’. It is a beautiful song and the message it carries is clear. I guess you would call it a great ‘thinking’ song, one of those songs you’d listen to while staring out the window as it rains and  you would think to yourself ‘what would it feel like to have the rain beating down on me as I stared into the heavens?’. It isn’t my favourite track but its still pretty good and  it also proves to be great song to write to.

Track Eight is the ‘Hard But Good Acoustic Mix ‘ and all I have to say is it fixes everything that was wrong in the original. It tuned down the piano, so I was able to enjoy the vocals, and  acoustically its an awesome song, still not as good as ‘Back on You’ but pretty good nonetheless.

Overall, It is clear that Davison has some serious talent and if you like original and catchy lyrics it’s worth heading over to iTunes or Amazon to  buy this album. If you’d like to learn more about this new singer songwriter check out his website.

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