Age Verification

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Oh boy, well,  we knew this day was coming and we knew you had to grow up sometime. So let’s have ‘The Talk’…. about Age Verification.

If you haven’t notice already there are some regions in Second Life that are adult themed, and protect the “innocent” minds of its users Linden Labs have put through the Age Verification policy. You must prove that you are 18 or older in real life to enter adult regions. To become age verified you must log in to your Dash board at, click on the Age verification tab and follow the instructions.


A Few Words of Warning

DO NOT TRY TO BECOME AGE VERIFIED IF YOU ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 18. If you are under the age of 18 and you are caught in Mature or Adult regions, the sim owner ( and his/her employees) have the right to remove you through banning, ejecting or kicking. They also have to right to report you through abuse report  (AR). Once reported the creators/ administrators of Second Life will remove your account from the game completely and permanently,   There are places in Second Life made specifically for residents who are under the age of 18. Don’t believe me?  Read the Terms of Service:

2.2 Age Requirements for Use of Areas of the Service.

(i) Users 13 to 15. If you are at least 13 years of age but less than 16 years of age, you may only use the Service if you are affiliated with a Sponsoring Organization, and your Account in Second Life is referred to as an “Affiliated Account.” A “Sponsoring Organization” means a User Organization (as defined in Section 2.4 below) that (i) maintains on the Service a “Teen Estate,” which is Virtual Land and Content that is appropriate for users between 13 and 16 and complies with the General Maturity Rating; (ii) has been approved by Linden Lab, in our sole discretion, to register Affiliated Accounts using our "Registration API" tool; (iii) limits the access of all Affiliated Accounts of users between 13 and 16 to the Sponsoring Organization’s Teen Estate; and (iv) requires all visitors to the Teen Estate to comply with the General Maturity Rating and any other rules that the Sponsoring Organization may impose as long as they are consistent with this Agreement. By accepting this Agreement in connection with an Affiliated Account, you represent that in addition to the representations of section 2.1, you are at least 13 years of age and less than 16 years of age, you agree that you will at all times comply with your Sponsoring Organization’s rules for the Teen Estate, and you acknowledge that you are only permitted to access your Sponsoring Organization’s Teen Estate and no other areas of the Service.

(ii) Users 16 and 17. If you are at least 16 years of age but less than 18 years of age (or the legal age of majority in your jurisdiction, if it is greater), then you may only access areas of the Service rated General in accordance with our Maturity Ratings. If you have used the Service under an Affiliated Account, you may continue to access your Sponsoring Organization’s Teen Estate, provided that the Sponsoring Organization permits you to continue such access upon reaching the age of 16.

For users 13 through 17 years of age, we have created Teen Safety Guidelines that we suggest you review with your parents.

(iii) Users 18 and Over. If you are at least 18 years of age (or the legal age of majority in your jurisdiction, if it is greater), then you may access areas of the service that are rated General, as well as Moderate and Adult, as provided in our Maturity Ratings and Section 2.3 below.

Your Accounts may be suspended or terminated immediately without warning or any refund or other compensation if we believe that you are under 13 years of age, if we believe you are under 18 years of age and you represent yourself as 18 or older, or if we believe you are over 18 and represent yourself as under 18.

To read the whole Terms of Service click here. If you would like to find out more about age verification check the Second Life website forums as well as the Age Verification information centre in world.

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