Wil Morris

AKA: That Guy Off The Internet

“The do’er of things, the maker of stuff.”

Wil Morris is the resident jack-of-all-games. He is the in-house game player, games reviewer, and storyteller. While specialising in survival and strategy games, calls the jack-of-all can play all genres; he still is a decent enough shot for 3rd and 1st person shooters. Starting on the site in 2013, he wrote the “Retro Monday” series for a year before moving on to doing current release reviews. Through Wil’s writing background from university, he can tell and break down stories into more easily digestible chunks. Being in London, he often attends events such as MCM and RTX for interviews and esports. He’s also one of the resident video editors and the streamer on the group’s Twitch Channel. He can mostly be found on PC on Steam or found in his various Minecraft worlds. Twitch Channel

Wil Is known as;

Real Life: Wil Morris
Steam: Wil Morris
PSN: Wil_Morris