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Snoop Dogg Does Fighting Games;

Considering he has had a stage and a song in “Tekken Tag Tournament 2” last year [and has already been in fighting games before if you take “Def Jam: Fight For New York“] Dogg has teamed up with Echo Peak and 505 Games to release a game called “Way of the Dogg.” “…Way of the Dogg is the first true gamification of my music” he says. I didn’t even know gamification was a word but if he uses it, it must count. Try using it. Its fun. What was I doing? The press release for the game said

“Way of the Dogg combines Snoop Dogg’s passion for Kung Fu movies and his chart-topping, global hits with Echo Peak’s expertise in music gaming to create a truly unique rhythm-action, beat-matching combat experience. Each level is a fresh fight against a different style of character, in a new location, defined by a Snoop track that drives the beat of the combat.”

So it a rhythm game mixed with a fighting game? I’m expecting this to go the same way as the Def Jam games. Sells with he audience and then is forgotten soon afterwards. It will be coming out on XBox Live, PSN, on the mobiles for those who want hit of the Dogg.

Shigeru Miyamoto And Retirement;

You may have heard about Shigeru Miyamoto. The creator of Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda and all their iterations. He turns 61 this year but he seems not of noticed in an interview with Gamespot. “This year I’m past 60; I’m going to be turning 61 this year. So for me to not be thinking about retirement would be strange. But in fact, the number of projects I’m involved in–and the volume of my work–hasn’t changed at all.” Currently he is working on “Pikmin 3” and “Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon” but is preparing the company for a time when “I’m no longer there.” Dont worry Nintendo fans. He’s not going yet and has no current plans to retire. With him saying “I try to duck out of the way, so that instead of [staff at Nintendo] looking at me, they’re looking at the consumer and trying to develop their games with the consumer in mind rather than me in mind. So it’s really more of looking at this as sort of an opportunity to really try to help develop them and bring them up.” So he is defiantly training succors and Nintendo is planning for a time with no Miyamoto. Least they’re preparing for it.

Video Games are Good for Old People;

A study by the North Carolina State University has shown, with a small sample but conclusive results, that old people (60+ year olds) who play video games report a better sence of well-being. considering that playing brain training games can help offset dementia this isn’t really a surprise. But it’s good that people are seeing what other effects video games have on people besides they warp the minds of the youth.

DOTA 2 Beats Skyrim;

I am new to Steam. If you don’t know what Steam is, where have you been! Basicity it’s biggest digital video game distributer on the internet run by the game company Valve. (The makers of Half-Life, Portal, Counter-Strike to name but a few.) DOTA 2 is a strategy game make by Valve and released on Steam. And it recently broke records with con-current players on Steam. That’s it. You may not think it’s really important news but add that to the Steam Box almost being ready and having Steam never being as popular as it has ever been. I’d say watch Steam because there heading to new heights and things like the Steam Box will only help them get higher.

Now for a segment, maybe only for this week, called…

NEW GAME NEWS: Here are some tidbits about game that have been released this week and games that haven’t:

Apparently, “Dead Space” is dead. Due to bad sale’s the franchise is over. Oh wait, no it isn’t. Back to work people!

The “Thief” series is coming back. (If you haven’t played it, change that. Their highly recommended)  With “Thief 4″ of Thi4f” Hope Edios Montreal goes with the later title rather than number-are-letter title because there not.

Suda51, AKA: the WTFFF-but-absolutely fantastic game developer, has a new game. Trailer here;

Theres not much else out about this one yet.

“Guild Wars 2” might be it for the series. Colin Johanson, in an interview with IGN said there are no plans for updates (besides aesthetics) expansions or sequels. Seems like they’ve thrown in the towel in the  MMO wars.

“Deus Ex” might get another game called “Deus Ex: The Fall”.  Square Enix has bought the domains for DeusExTheFall.com .net and .co.uk.

“Slender: The Arrival” is in open beta. £5 for a the game but you can get some other gear too.

In ’93 a game was released called “The 7th Guest”. It was a CD-ROM puzzle game. In ’95 it got a sequel, “11th Hour”. ’99 the company went under. But now the creators are back and making a third one. I wasn’t around then, well i was 3 & 5 then, but it was called “new standard in interactive entertainment” but a Bill Gates. So it may be worth keeping a look on this one.

Dan Connors, of Telltale Games, said that Season Two of the episodic game “The Walking Dead” will come next year. He may have said something a bit wrong. He meant this year.

“Outlast”, Red Barrel Games game, has brought on scientists to make the game more scary. Apparently a necromorph jumping out at you and running away from the Slenderman are two different things. Who knew?

ARMA III is now out! Well its alpha is anyway. You can get it cheap now and get the updates as they come. And on the “DayZ” mod, don’t bother trying it on ARMA III. Because the stand-alone game us now due to be released.

“Over 1,300 fraudulently purchased Steam keys for Natural Selection 2 have been deactivated, with Unknown Worlds taking a financial hit.” It’s safe to say that things on Steam, you can only get on Steam. Sorry people but games are expensive. Its one of the crap-shoots we have to live with right now.

First, “Tomb Raider” is out and it’s good so get it. Second, everyone else already has. A message from the games creators has said that it has hit the 1 million mark in 48 hours. Its well deserved. Why? Look at point one.

“Borderlands 2” gets more DLC with a new vault hunter. Here’s the trailer;

Now this bit would go into the NEW GAMES bit but it’s just to darn big. So for one week only here’s;

The SimCity Balls Up:

This week the new “SimCity” game was released. It seemed very good. But it has a small problem. Remember the DRM from “Diablo 3“? It has returned! So let me list of events that have happened so far:

It came out.

It broke, almost immediately, partly because of the online DRM that couldn’t cope and the servers a crapping themselves stupid.

So EA Maxis added more servers. Still broke.

Amazon stopped selling the game and people [say] they got banned from the EA Origin forums because they asked for a refund. [They are selling it again now.]

EA said no to refunds.

EA turned off some “non-crtical” things like the leaderboard. It fixed it… a bit.

A petition was made to ask EA to get rid of the DRM. EA said nothing because they didn’t need to. It was a no.

EA called out “please stop actively promoting” the game and a sort-of admission of fault.

EA apologised by giving all SimCity players ,who have activated their game, on the 18th will get a free download code to download a free game from the EA catalogue. Will it get them into the good books of all gamers? Hell no! But they admitted defeat which is admirable. But it still isn’t fixed. And there not much hope for an offline mode either.  As long as companies like EA (and you Blizzard! we haven’t forgotten “Diablo 3“!) see’s that online DRM don’t work. And it takes away people seats!

Game BAFTA’s!

To end on a happy note, the British Academy of Film And Television Arts had its video games awards. The big winner was “Journey” with 5 awards but the big ‘Game Of 2012’ went to “Dishonored“. The full list is here.

That’s it for this week. What did you think and how was your week. And more importantly, is SimCity working? Not playing it but it really would be bad having to write the same bad news 2 weeks in a row. Post in the comments below with all your views. Go ahead and post some news that I missed or didn’t make the cut.

See You Next Week! Wil.

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