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A Very Scary Story: Harold

A Very Scary Story: Harold
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There are a lot of stories, that float around during Halloween, some aren’t very scary, others urban Legends you’ve heard a Million times so they lose their scare, Here is a story for you to get really scared over, it has been around for a while now circulating around the internet, it is called Harold, and it is a story about two Farmers who build a scarecrow named Harold. The Story comes from Scariest Stories 3, a children’s horror book, We would not want to spoil the story for you, but it helps if you listen to the audio book yourself. Happy Halloween everyone.

Kennie M

Kennie is the first half of The Torch Entertainment Guide. It was her idea to start an off-world resource to help newcomers to Second Life, the project that later evolved into the website you see today. She loves books and virtual reality, she also has a rather unhealthy love for the future pop band, Mind.In.a.Box.

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