A Stroll through 2013 RFL Christmas Expo – Part Three

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I will freely admit that I don’t like to shop in RL, but shopping in Second Life is a delight for me.  Especially in such a well done series of sims as the 2013 Relay for Life Christmas Expo, with the variety of stores and only the imaginary cold wind blowing in my face.  So, put on your best boots and coat, and come along with me today.  And, if you need boots and a coat,well there are plenty to pick from here.

PurpleMoon Creations is the sponsor and anchor store of the Peace sim.  If you are looking for something wonderful to wear to one of the many Holiday events over the grid, Purple Moon has four in the RFL vendors, some mesh and some non-mesh, in exclusive colors.


PurpleMoon has a great seating area to sit and chat if you are tired of strolling.  Don’t bother going upstairs, as there is nothing rezzed there.  Perhaps that is my only disappointment.  Purple Moon didn’t use the space available to put out more of her great products.  I was definitely not disappointed in what she DID have available at her Expo store.

Did I tell you that I love hunting in SL?  Due to that pastime, I am familiar with many of the merchants at the Expo, which I am writing about today.  If you hunt too, be sure to always look around the shops when you land because there are treasures to purchase.

United InshCon was next door to Purple Moon.  I adored the way that the shop was designed and laid out, especially the display cases which look like half an igloo.  UI has used some very pleasant textures on the crafts, with colors you shouldn’t get tired of looking at over time.  There are reindeers in different icy shades, hopping snowmen behind a drift and, my favorite, barking Christmas puppies.  The RFL vendors are upstairs and hold a gingerbread house, a cute candy cane flanked clock and, one of UI’s specialties, a rideable animal, this time a polar bear.

United InshCon

Dysfunctional Design has a wonderful rustic feel to its shop and items.  When you walk in, the first thing you see is a miniature winter wonderland area complete with wooden bridge to walk across.   The shop vendors give a good sample of what is available at the main store: Gorean, medieval and country items.  DD also has got a whole panel of freebie items near the back of the store, so check out the quality of the wares and take a landmark for future use.   The RFL vendors have some very pretty items, a lilac wreath and Christmas tree.

Dysfunctional Designs

Kaerri was not one of the merchants familiar to me, but I liked what I found in this store.  The Christmas items which caught my eye were grandfather clocks with a holiday face and music boxes which each played a different carol.  I smiled when I saw the retro furniture on the other side of the room.  While items were sparse here, they looked well made.  RFL vendor items included a holiday sofa and a rustic cottage.


Kismet is also on the Peace sim. This Expo shop is maybe one of the warmest to walk into, with deep gold and reds bathing you within.  You look around and everything feels so lush….velvets and woods are used in abundance.  Lovely candles are also available to cast a glow to complete the stunning holiday picture.  Kismet has two lovely furniture pieces for sale in her RFL vendors.

Kismet 1

If you enjoyed Santa’s castle and had your picture taken with NicholasClaus, you may recognize the red velvet throne available in the store. Cierra Anatine generously donated the beautiful chair to RFL to keep Santa’s bottom warm this year.

12-6-13 Santa_010

And, the tree.  The beautiful copper tree with on and off sparkle.  Every time I see it I just say wow.  Unfortunately, this beautiful creation has 44 prims, so is too heavy for my home.  It is a tree to drool over and catches my eye every time I walk into the Expo shop, so please take a look at it if you have the prim space.  It is available in a RFL vendor and at the Christmas Tree Lot. 

Kismet 2

Speaking of the Christmas tree lot, if you need a new evergreen for your abode, does Expo have some trees for you.  All are in RFL vendors, so not only will you be taking home the freshest tree on the grid, you will be donating to the American Cancer Society and their great work.  Win win.

Tree Lot

The Peace sim has some of the best shops to see at this Expo, or at least I think so, so I plan to write another article on what you can find here.  In the meantime, why not visit and see for yourself:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Xmas%20Expo%20Peace/134/64/23

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