A Slice of Zen – Shop, mall or both?

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A Slice of Zen

Owner: *A Slice of Zen* Events (group owned)

I saw this poster at the Shelter one time that said A Slice of Zen and I thought it would be another one of those things the Shelter has, like the kitty peeking through the sitting platform. Then I saw it again, and again, and again… it was everywhere. I quickly realized it was an ad for another place. I clicked the ad and within seconds I was in this mall… or so I thought. I saw lights up ahead and there was a club. It’s a club within a mall!


The ZEN-room

So what about the name? Malls and clubs are two of the stressiest places there is, so why call it Zen? Well, that’s just the thing, this place has one of the chilliest atmospheres I’ve seen. Switching environment settings to Sunset and the garden in the middle lights up, the trees swaying calmly in the breeze and the swings in the sky swings in a tempo that almost makes you fall asleep. The music is the same as the Shelter, 80’s hits, but instead of that pumping feeling you get from other clubs with this music, the atmosphere here makes it feel calmly. There are light displays averywhere to cut off that dullness some big places can get.

The stores are rented by others so the inventory and prizes fluctuates, but all I could see when I was there went from free to 150L$, and there’s a lot of good stuff here. Everything from makeup to clothes to holiday cards to skins and complete outfits. Some stores offer freebies, Midninght Mania and lucky chairs.

Walking to the middle of the mall, there’s a huge dancefloor, highly decorated with pictures from their previous events,


The restaurant

majestic light displays and many dance-options for those of you who wants to dance with others or don’t have your own dances to use. There’s also a sploder here, for those who feel adventurous enough.

Walking down from the mall, you’ll see a stage with a LOT of light displays. Here’s another dancefloor, with just as many options for dancing, a stage for live shows and a great view back at the mall area. Surrounding the stage on both sides are hangouts that suits everyone. The ZEN-room with its games on the first floor and chillout-zone upstairs. The Zen Theatre that plays movies on demand. Last but not least, the restuarant, with a stage in one end, windows behind it displaying a wonderful view of the ocean, tables on the other side, with a big window showing the main stage.


The garden

So what is it, a mall or a club? To find out, I contacted one of the owners, Emsi Zobovic. She was in a bit of a hurry, but I managed to snag her for a few quiestions.

Are you the creative mind behind this place?

No, that would be Jason1 Draconia.   Zen was his idea… his vision for a place people could come to relax, play, enjoy their experience, have fun, listen to good music

From a newbies perspective it can be hard to see what this place is, is it a mall or a club?

It’s both… It’s a mall with a club and a club with a mall. The club came first. The mall was to support the club.. provide venues for people to explore while hanging out.

Jason wanted to add this comment

We’re not just a club / mall and land rentals, we have personality and community

Do you have anything in particular to offer newcomers?

We have a few things we handout… notecards with tips on general SL things… but what we offer most is a friendly environment for any resident of SL where they can ask questions, learn and have fun at the same time. We truly want people to have the best experience in SL that they can.

Facilities: Free lindens (on occation, just like a money tree), survey machine (take surveys and earn money)

Music: 80’s hits

Newbie Friendliness: 8/10 (very newbie friendly, the people are helpful, but if you manage to drop by when there’s noone here, it might get confusing)

Lag: 2/10 (little to none)

Personal rating: 8/10 (I really like this place, it has most of the things I love about SL)



Photos by: Morphman the Clown

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