A Look Back At: Goblin Keeper

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It’s been almost a year since the last guide for Goblin Keeper was published and it is still read daily. I feel I owe you readers an update. A lot can happen in a year, especially with a company like Night Owl Games behind it.

To tell you the truth, I have hardly played the game since.  After a computer breakdown, I was away from the game for over 2 months and I thought I’d never get into it again.  Once I got a working computer again, I didn’t even try. Oh, how wrong I was!

Earlier the day I’m writing this, I took a peek back. If you read the initial review , you’ll know I compared it to Dungeon Keeper. Well, turns out Electronic Arts bought the rights to that name and its characters and developed a mobile version. I did not agree with what they did to it and I went out on Twitter and Facebook, telling people about Goblin Keeper. I immediately felt a bit like a hypocrite as I had stopped playing it, so I decided to at least take a look, see if my dungeons were still there and how my creatures were doing.

There it was, all that research just waiting to be collected
There it was, all that research just waiting to be collected

I am hooked again! It took about 30 seconds to get back into it, 30 seconds of frenetically clicking every resource tile before I remembered the Overlord’s Ledger, where you can collect all resources in any of your dungeons with a single click. Let me tell you, there’s nothing like the feeling of seeing your bank stash over 150 000 (yes, that’s onehundredandfifty thousand) research points, 100 000 gold and more of every other resource than your storage rooms can handle. I immediately banked all my resources into Deep Earth Geology, which just happened to cost exactly 150 000 research points and allows me to mine diamonds. It’s in the Overlord tech tree if you want to check it out.

After 30 seconds of frenetic clicking, I remembered the Overlord's Ledger... alas it was too late
After 30 seconds of frenetic clicking, I remembered the Overlord’s Ledger… alas it was too late

As I said, a lot has changed in a year, so it might be time for an updated guide. For this I need your help though! What do YOU want help with?

All the changes have been done in such a way that it’s hard to see, because the game plays out exactly the same. There’s some optimization, some added features and most of it is either graphic or UI related. There’s no “Mute Sound” button anymore; instead there is a settings button where you can mute or play music and sounds.  If you have purchased the Overlord’s Assistant, you can also set the time for the auto collect feature here. It’s all self explanatory, so there’s no real point in me going over that.

Instead, tell me in the comments here (or on any of the other Goblin Keeper articles) what you are having trouble with, and I’ll make sure to find out what you can do.

Ok, let’s go through some of the changes that I have seen so far.

Aside from the aforementioned UI changes, I’ve noticed the Overlord’s Assistant now has many more features. I’ve already mentioned the auto collect, that collects resources while you are away, but it also has Resource Request (found in Overlord’s Ledger) that lets you remotely request resources from another dungeon instead of having to go to that dungeon and send it. You can also transfer materials between dungeons without the need for available goblins. It is uncertain if it will just magically send the items or if it will que shipments.

Vacation Mode has been added. This allows you to pause your dungeons and all activities (saved for already launched incoming raids) for 2 to 35 days. No resources will be mined or gathered, no monsters will require pay and everything will just stop in its track, as if time stood still. If you don’t know how long you will be gone, don’t worry. Aim high, because you can always come back early. If you log in before the timer runs out, it will resume automatically. Be warned about doing this from your vacation spot though, as it will take 2 days before you can activate vacation mode again.

Fullscreen Mode is a really nice new feature that eliminates all those annoying scrolling issues I always have. I’m too used to using the mouse scroll wheel whenever there’s a list to scroll through, but in windowed mode it scrolls the whole page. In fullscreen mode that is no longer an issue. Also, it looks really nice!

Resource Overview can be found in the Overlord’s Ledger and will show you all resources stored in all dungeons you own, as well as all resources not yet gathered.

New shop items include Basic Research Boost that lets you mine basic resources faster, instead of getting each resource boost individually. There’s also a Goblin Boost that temporarily gives you 3 extra goblins, instead of the permanent single goblin upgrade. There’s also Resource Increases that instantly give you resources. This would feel like a “Pay To Win” kinda scenario, if it wasn’t for the fact that you still need to have the tactical sense to build your dungeon correctly and the fact that you won’t really have a hard time gathering resources once you expand to a few new dungeons. It’s really just a time saver for money in the early game, and won’t really help you in the long run.  You can only buy non-crafted resources so you still need an upgraded workshop and forge to process it into the mid-to-high tier resources. Also, it’s kinda expensive, so unless you really don’t want to wait that extra day for those 3000 iron, you have to shell out the equivalent of about $2 for one pack (with a minimum Goblin Mark buy of roughly $5).

I am sure there are a lot of features I’ve missed, but we’ll take that in a future article. Until then, I’ll see you in-game!

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