TGOTI: A Look at SuperHot

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Superhot” is definitely something that has gone viral, within the gaming world. It is a Unity programmed game made by Blue Brick based in Łódź, Poland. According to their press release, they state:

Each one of us is a skilled developer, though our skill vectors are an erratic field pointing in many directions. Blue Brick is our company, where we do electronics, we do statistic applications, we do scientific research with local Technical University, but we also do flash games and web development.”WilMorris

Moving on to “Superhot“, the game was made for “7DFPS” a 7 day game jam where people and developers made a first person shooter [FPS]. They had been part of a “Ludum Dare“, another game jam, where the subject was minimalism, (now you know where the style came from) and decided to do it again for 7DFPS. What was born was “Superhot“.

Superhot” is a game with a simple concept, time only moves when you move. Time, enemies and you go at normal speed when you move or move your head quickly but everything slows down in to bullet-time when you stand still. This means that when you have to fight the enemies in the game you can dodge bullets. Although it’s less Matrix-style dodging and more step out-of-the-way dodging.

The whole games plays to a simple, minimalist feel. The enemies are just red men in dark-glasses. The backgrounds/levels are a plain white. The shooting that is just with pistols, as Philippa Warr pointed out in Wired, has a feel of turn-based combat. You shoot, your enemy shoots, you dodge, and repeat.

The game may sound easy but it is deceptively complex. Especially when the ending comes around. A suited man on a flickering screen says, after you killed a CEO, that you have served him well and you now must dispose of yourself. He tells you to jump out of a window, you comply, and just before you hit the ground he stops time and says the immortal words.

You have been a good boy.”

And then it ends. The ending has intrigued me and I really cant wait to see what they come up with as a full game goes. The game was green-lit with “Steam Greenlight” in a record 3 days, and I’m not surprised. This is a game to look out for.

You can play the demo for free straight from you browser here: Play Superhot Now!

Here is my video on the game:

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