A Final stroll through the 2013 RFL Christmas Expo

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The 2013 RFL Christmas Expo ends on December 14, 2013 at 10 a.m. SLT.  After that, the sims officially become the home for the AVI Choice Awards.  Attendance is by ticket only, and the tickets have been sold out for days.  Congrats to all the nominees and, in advance, to the deserving winners.

I apologize for the tardiness of my final post regarding this wonderful Expo and fund raiser for Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society.  I couldn’t let this end without saying a few quick words about the shops I visited on the Wonder sim.

DaD’s is the sim sponsor and anchor store here.  The store offers fireplaces, Christmas furniture, flowers and some cute outdoor holidays decorations.  RFL vendors in the store offer several decorated fireplaces, a cuddly spot with a cute snowman and both gold and silver wire Christmas trees with falling stars.   One of the sweetest things in the DaD store was a teddy bear floating around in a hot air balloon, wishing everyone a Happy Christmas.  You can purchase your own teddy bear, who holds a sign you can write your own message on.  Happy Christmas right back at ya, DaD.

I’ve always enjoyed visiting Spyralle, and I was very pleased to see them with a shop at the Expo.  Spyralle has a passion for fractal designs, and the offerings in the store here include clothing items, tables, wreaths and crystal Christmas trees.   One of the trees is in a RFL vendor, as is a very cute mesh sweater and pair of poinsettia topped boots.  Unfortunately, the sweater demo wasn’t working when I touched it, so I didn’t take a chance, but the flowered slippers went home with me.

Another merchant whose name I know well is Peeps.  Featured items include textures, sculpties and clothing templates for you builder types.  Finished items were offered in the RFL vendors, and they were things to appeal to ACS volunteers and supporters – sneakers and support ribbons in all the cancer-fighter colors.

I visited three more shops I was unfamiliar with: Candy Cane Lane, Follow Us and TexWorks.

Candy Cane Lane lived up to the promise of happy holiday designs with elves, trains, village figurines and other decorator items.  The RFL vendor offered a nativity wall hanging.

Follow Us impressed me with delicate furniture and home items.  Two dining tables were inside the shop, laden with the goodies needed for holiday feasting.  I actually felt like I had stepped back into my grandmother’s home.  The RFL vendor offers an old-fashioned-feeling Christmas tree.  Be sure and walk *outside* into the snowy room, where another RFL vendor offers a decorative sleigh laden with gifts.

TexWorks is subtitled Texture by Miriam.  I enjoyed these textures very much.  Many of them were antique, artisan and Asian.  They ranged from clock faces, jewels and filagree to painted stone, teakwood panels, tapestries and frescos.  Also in the store were items under the Deep Blue Sea name.  The RFL vendors contain Chinese teakwood panels and Angels in Art paintings.

The Wonder sim was also home for the Auction/Raffle building, which offered donated items from merchants and the spectacular builds of the Expo designed and crafted by Cassie Eldemar.  This was also the location of the entertainment gazebo and the beautiful memorial garden.

Unfortunately, WordPress won’t allow me to add pictures to my text, but I do hope you’ll stop be Wonder if you see this article before the Expo closes.

Happy Holidays and blessings to all of you.

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