A few gaming announcements

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Playstation 4 and Playstation Meeting

Well today is the day. Everyone thought that E3 would be the place to see the next generation of consoles but it turns out that today in a press conference in New York would be the place. For those who don’t know, Playstation Meeting 2013 is on today and the next sony console is pegged to be the headline of the show. At least that what everyone thinks. It could be anything.

Tune in at 6pm [EST] (11pm [GMT] for the me and the other Brits,) for the big announcement. What ever it is.

If you want to follow the development in real time, here is a live feed.


The Torch have gotten themselves a brand spanking new Minecraft server

As some of you may have heard from Morphman through the YouTube, a Torch Minecraft server is in the works. Well here is a picture of the spawn so far, enjoy.

Torch Server [20th Feb 2013]

In the future, we might make this public, but for now, we still have a lot of setting up to do.


We want your help

We want to know everything that goes on, not only in the gaming world but in all forms of entertainment. If you have any tips to share about upcoming games, books, music, entertainment technology or anything that has to do with entertainment, let us know. Fill out the form on the Contact Us page, even if you just want to say “hi”, we love ALL interaction with our readers.

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