4th of July in Summertown USA

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If you land in a sim with mass amounts of red, white, and blue with the greenest grass you’ve ever seen you must have landed in Summer Town, USA. As many of you know, it’s almost the Fourth of July for the USA, our Independence Day. Summer Town is the can’t miss place to be on that day.

Summertown USA on 4th of July, Independence Day

The sim is decorated with everything you can think of that is red, white and blue, balloons, umbrellas, stars, and more! The American Flag hangs from almost all the buildings there. Every so often you see some sparklers, what more do you need to get you into the 4th Spirit.

There is a big sign when you first enter the sim that says “Summer Town Snapshots.” There are a whole bunch of pictures of things going on there. If you want your snapshot of your experience on the board, sent them full permissions to Laura Liberty.

One big part of the Fourth of July here is the food, and luckily Summer Town has plenty of it. Hot Dogs, hamburgers, appetizers, and desserts all line up the tables. Oh and don’t forget to eat PLENTY of cotton candy. You can sit at the picnic tables when you are ready to eat!

Also, there are plenty of games and fun activities to try! When you first TP in you will notice the Sack Race, fun for the whole family or friends. There is also an interactive parade. Just grab the appropriate outfit, pick an instrument, and hop in! There is also a slip-n-slide with a pool to cool off in this amazingly hot weather we are having lately. Also, in the activities corner, there is a dunk tank, hot air balloon, face painting, and a pie eating contest! Yum. All 100% free. Whoever said “The best things in life are free,” was totally right in this case.

Also, there is plenty of shopping to get you in the holiday spirit, not all clothes either. Some other things include sparklers and fireworks, fun toys, outdoor equipment, and kids items! Don’t miss this shopping experience.

Booth in Summertown USA on 4th of July, Independence Day

Words from Laura Liberty:
I hope people will come and visit.  There is a 50’s Ice Cream Parlor, a Drive In Movie Theater, a Dunking Tank, Sack Races, Fireworks and a Marching Band with free uniforms.  I am the one who creates the town but there are designers who sell here with me if I can mention their names.

Nico Soulstar
Chelle Petlyakov
Marina Ramer
Nicoletta Conrad
Capo Freenote
SweetiePie Riggles
Madalina Aeghin
IzelEleuia Resident

Now, an exclusive interview with the owner of Summer Town USA, Laura Liberty.

NemzKat Resident: What gave you the idea to start Summer Town?

Sack Race in Summertown USA on 4th of July, Independence Day

Laura Liberty: Well, we do Summer Town every year around July 4th and try to make it very patriotic.  We do most holidays so every holiday town we just rotate according to what season it is.  I just like to make fun places for people where there is a lot to do.

NemzKat Resident: Can visitors expect something new every year?

Laura Liberty: Yes, we always try to add new fun stuff for people to do and there are designers that sell here that add new creations.

NemzKat Resident: Who is Summer Town designed for?

Laura Liberty: It is designed for anyone in sl who wants something different and fun to do.  I don’t think you have to be American to find something you enjoy here.

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