Grendel’s Children

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Grendel’s Children

This place is huge

Owner: Grendels Children (group owned)

As I walked into the dark castle dungeon that is Grendel’s Children I got the feeling of being watched,

like one hundred hungry eyes just turned at me.

It might be the eerie atmosphere or the scary soundtrack, but I get jumpy everytime I go into this shop.

This is a gigantic place, filled with avatars that range from scary to monstrous to gigantic to tiny to eyepleasing and so on and so forth. If you want a cool unique avatar, this is the first place to check out. How about a monstrous Clorthos? Or perhaps a ghastly Ghoul? Why not a stone Gate Guardian?

One of the chillouts

The prices are low and there’s even quite a few freebies to be found! You can find complex avatars with many prims, HUD-control and animations for less than 100L$. I haven’t looked at all the avatars yet, but I haven’t found any prices higher than 300L$ and most of it is 5-20L$. Then we have the pets, furnitures, statues, trees, mushrooms, builders kits and even complete buildings to boot.I even found a prebuilt 488 prim, animated, fully operational, 3 level Steam Castle for only 100L$!

Did I mention the place is huge?

Even if you’re not looking for a new avatar or things for your new build, this place is worth a checkout. The craftmanship alone on the building, sculptures and details are amazing.

Facilities: Hangout, box opening pad, staff notifier with online status

Price range: Free to 300L$

Seen in the freebie section, makes me laugh every time

Lag: 1/10

Newbie friendliness: 9 (You don’t need to know much and the staff is happy to help)

Personal rating: 8 (This is one of my favourite places)

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