Monthly Archives: February 2017

MCM Midlands 2017 in pictures

MCM Midlands 2017 SPLASH

We went to MCM Midlands at Telford International Centre yesterday and had loads of fun. Here’s the story in pictures. If you recognize yourself, feel free to drop a comment and let us know, and we’ll tag you in the … read more

Press Rush, Feb’ 7th 2017 (Mutant Football League & ESIC Disciplinary Panel)

Press Rush fab 7 2017thumb

It’s been a quiet week in the realms of video game news. But there is still some things to tal about, like the ESIC Disciplinary Panel  launch, the Mutant Football League kickstarters, and an alpha, a beta and the weeks … read more

Press Rush, 3rd Feb’ 2017 (Gamescom Devcom, Banner Saga 3, & IMG Awards)

Press Rush feb 3rd thumb

A rather international rush looking at Gamescom, GDC, IMG Awards and another Kickstarter game. Loads of press releases to the rounds and there’s never enough time to go through them all. This show hopes to fix that. The Tuesday show … read more