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“The Final Station” Review

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“The Final Station” Developer: Do my Best Publisher: tinyBuild Available for PC and Linux. (Reviewed for PC with ‘Press Code’) I went into the game not knowing what to expect. There was shooting, train passenger management, and exploration and wasn’t … read more

MCM October 2016 Coverage | Steampunk, The Imaginarium & Alice’s Night Circus

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The steam punk section is a section that I always try to check out every time I’m MCM. It’s a section that always fascinates me. Although some of you may of noticed something like that from things like our Halloween … read more

MCM October 2016 Coverage | Rooster Teeth & RWBY Panels

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Rooster Teeth as a company has had a good year. Their staples of “Red vs Blue” and “RWBY” with is spin-off “RWBY Chibi” has continued on inn strides. But they’ve also release theyr first big budget feature film “Lazar Team” … read more

MCM October 2016 Coverage | Dead Pixels II, Light Nightmares, Forgotten Rooms

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Part one covered some some of the more family friendly previews from the show floor. Now to go on to some of the more horror orientated games. “Dead Pixels II”, CSR Studios/John Common (Self-published) Available on PC in 2017. Dead … read more

MCM October 2016 Coverage | Unbox, Birthdays the Beginning & Shu

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The games on the floor was varied again with a big lean to the next crop of anime inspired games and adaptations. Again, I didn’t play them as I have no familiarity with the source material and that’s pretty much … read more