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Independnce Day

I went into Independence Day: Resurgence with my brain well and truly switched off. A sequel to one of my favourite films was always going to attract my attention but I was always a bit cautious as this film arrives a full … read more

Focus Home Entertainment E3 Trailer and Releases

fhi e3 2016 banner

Styx: Shards of Darkness Developed by Cyanide Studio for PC, Xbox One and PS4. “While Styx is in business in Thoben, the City of Thieves, he makes an unexpected deal with a mysterious human officer Helledryn. As Styx, you must … read more

Linden Lab Asks SecondLife’s Residents to Support the Victims of the Orlando Shooting


Second Life creator Linden Lab has called on its residents to support the victims of the recent Orlando Shooting that took place in the Pulse nightclub in Orlando Flordia USA over the weekend. Tributes have been held round the world to … read more

MCM London Comic Con, May 2016: Main Coverage Hub


This years event was much bigger then most of the other conventions I’ve been to. Even the most previous MCM London event was much smaller. Last October, the event covered just under half halls on one side of the building … read more

MCM London May 2016 Coverage, Gaming: Part Two (The Indie Games)


MCM is good for indie games and developers. This year was no different. But there was quite the gap between development cycles. It was clear that some were put together pretty recently while others had a longer development time. As … read more

MCM London May 2016 Coverage: ‘Make Out Monday’ & JPU Records,


Music is something that’s been getting more popular at MCM. The MCM Fringe stage gets quite the draw. This year was no different. But this year the stage had a few special guests. Makeout Monday While the name Makeout Monday … read more

MCM London May 2016 Coverage, Gaming: Part One (The Company Games)


The amount of companies who have games to show of at this time of year are usually pretty limited. We’re only 2 weeks away from E3 and the summer schedule has become less used for big releases over the more … read more