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Virtual Reality Worlds topped by Rosedale… twice

Philip Rosedale, the founder of Linden Lab (that created Second Life), left his company a few years ago to form High Fidelity. The new company aims at creating a brand new virtual world, using future technologies and truly immersive Virtual … read more



Barton’s Movie Reviews | THE FOUNDER

A film about how McDonald’s became the biggest fast food franchise in the world may have had no chance of being made had it not been for the likes of The Social Network and Steve Jobs, both critically successful for differing reasons. That film … read more


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MCM October 2016 Coverage | Steampunk, The Imaginarium & Alice’s Night Circus

The steam punk section is a section that I always try to check out every time I’m MCM. It’s a section that always fascinates me. Although some of you may of noticed something like that from things like our Halloween … read more


Watchdog 2 Hacking

Does Watch Dogs 2 get hacking right?

Watch Dogs 2 is out and one thing that stands out with this installment in the series is the hacking. After a lot of complaints from people playing the first installment, the developers consulted real hackers for the sequel, but … read more



Auschwitz: A Doctor’s Eyewitness Account

I was hesitant to read such a book. What happened during the Nazi Regime in Germany before and during World War II, always made me feel uneasy. This unease always thickened when talking about the infamous Dr. Josef Mengele, the … read more