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The Lab Chat Series

Photograph by Torley Linden On 19th November, 2015, The Lab Chat hosted its first show with Jo Yardley and Saffia Widdershins. A total of 46 questions were asked in the forum. Here are a few pointers on: Land Pricing and … read more


MCM Oct 2015 Cover

MCM Games, Part One (MCM London, October 2015 Coverage)

Another MCM has drifted by and it is time to waft my opinion over some of the things that were there. Let us start with my forte, video games. Because of the shear amount of games that get shown off … read more


Creed Quad

Barton’s Movie Reviews | CREED

Creed is the seventh film of the Rocky franchise that started back in 1976. More often than not with a franchise this old, people wouldn’t be too excited for a new film and judging by the fact that both Rocky V and Rocky Balboa were pretty lacklustre in … read more



Interview with Todd Bryanton (LilDeuceDeuce)

Wil managed to get to talk to YouTube Todd Bryanton AKA LilDeuceDeuce, best known for making the music for Youtubers like Tomska as well as movies and TV. You can see the full and uncut interview here: We did a … read more


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Intellectual Property laws and Interactive Websites

To fully understand how future laws may affect virtual worlds, we must also look at how they affect other areas of the word wide web. Mainly, we need to see how the lawmakers and lawyers react to the parts of … read more


The first affair a novel

Book Review: The First Affair – A Novel by Emma McLaughin and Nicola Kraus

22 year old Jamie McAlister just landed the internship of a life time, in Washington DC at the White House. Unable to believe her luck Jamie settles into her new internship, doing her best to keep up with other interns, … read more